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Just swam 40 lengths to wash away the weekend excesses.
Many folk find the repetative nature of swimming a bore. Which I can understand.   I used to race so when I swim I still focus on small things to improve my stroke: angle of my hands, feet, keeping my fingers closed etc.
It occurs to me that my approach to painting  is the same. By repeating the same images I become aware of small variations which absorb my interest.

The job

Teaching today at Leonatd Cheshire home as a freelance for the Royal Acadeny. Its  rainy day in Bromley. Im out of the “Ivory Tower” and feet on the ground.


Hello all

Hello all,

If you sent me an email to “contact” on my new website in the last two months since it opened, I will not have received it due to some just now discovered technical problems.

It’s all running smoothly now so please resend.

Many thanks,